My Little Christmas Princess


While I was posting, I just had to show you the photos of my beautiful granddaughter. Kira is 9 months old now and simply a joy to have with us. It’s amazing how much love you find welling up in your heart for new additions to the family.

The kits used in all of these were created for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway at ScrappyDooBooking. The first is by me, the second is Happy Holidays by Cheryl Embry, the third is Scrappy Christmas by Lynn Calderone, the fourth is 12 Days of Christmas by Kathy Neff and the fifth is Christmas Boughs by Gail (northsky). The font used was Black Chancery.


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  1. I saw these LO’s over at ScrappyDooBooking and made comment there. But they are all just so precious that I wanted to tell you once again that I love them!With such wonderful baby faces you just can’t go wrong! Great art you are producing these days!——————-Do you know what it means to be blog-tagged? I hope so, because….TAG – You’re it!If you need instructions for this quick and easy tag, you can pick them up from my blog at: in an entry dated 4 Jan.—————————Keep up the great work. I enjoy visiting your blog and will be back again sometime soon!Hugs

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