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Hemiplegic Migraine and a Freebie


I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of this particular problem, but believe me! It is a huge pain in the butt! Some of you who know me, know that I have been battling since November, 2006 with this particular episode. One doctor said stroke. The problem being, nothing shows up on the tests they do. However, every time this occurs, I have to be treated, at first, as if I have had a stroke. If they didn’t, I could possibly really be having a stroke and not get the proper treatment.

A little history here. I have been having episodes with this, for want of a better word, disorder, since I was 30. (49 now) I have had EMG’s (nasty, painful test), lumbar punctures (worse than the EMG), shots into my tailbone, (OUCH!), CAT scans, MRI’s, blood work, you name it! I have been told we needed to rule out MS (hence the lumbar puncture that took 5 tries to get!). I’ve also been told these are TIA’s (Transient Ischemic Attack). The latest indignity of all of this was being told to see a psychiatrist. I went and boy did I end up feeling justified! The psychiatrist could not figure out why I had been sent to him. But, you have to play their game, otherwise they are convinced you are faking. How someone could fake the left side of their mouth pulled down constantly is beyond me! I FINALLY found a doctor in 2005 who told me he had seen this several times before and gave me a name for it: Hemiplegic Migraine.

This is what it is:

Hemiplegia is simply paralysis on one side of the body. Someone with hemiplegic migraine has, as one of their symptoms or perhaps their only symptom, trouble moving one side of their body. Since this is a common stroke symptom, it can be frightening. The symptoms usually occur during the migraine attack and sometimes for a while afterwards.

Sometimes it affects most of the one side of the body, at other times only a part. Other symptoms may go along with it, such as difficulty speaking. There may be numbness, or a prickly feeling. Hemiplegic migraine can start in childhood or adulthood. The same person may get headaches or migraine attacks without the weakness as well.

This is the type I appear to suffer from:

*Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine
The symptoms are the same, but the genetic connection, if any, is unknown.

Anyway, there really was no point to this other than to let me vent. LOL! Thank you, I feel better now. 🙂

After all that, y’all deserve another new kit.

My newest kit is Girlish Dreams. Someone gave me the idea after I put together my Boys Will Be Boys kit. They said they would like to see a kit with little girl toys in it. Well, my rag doll is not the greatest, but I did try. I was having a hard time finding clip art I could use for the toys so only a very few pieces for you. I hope you enjoy it.


Coffee Beans


I don’t know about all of you, but I absolutely HAVE to have my coffee in the morning. That inspired this new kit. Enjoy!

Also, if you love freebies as much as I do, the place to go for a wonderful listing of sites is Digital Designs by Selena. She was kind enough to spotlight me. I was so tickled as this had never happened before. Anyway, I go to her site daily to see what is new with everyone she lists.


Two New Kits


I have two new kits for you today. Boys Will Be Boys, inspired by my son and the need to scrap some of my photos from when he was little and Lacy Hearts. For whatever reason, Megaupload wasn’t working for me today which kinda ticks me off since I pay for the service. LOL Anyway, these links are at 4Shared. As always, I hope you like them. 🙂