Just Dotty Kit


My newest kit sort of fits me because I have always been just dotty. LOL



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  1. Thank you! love the kit colors! I just love your designs!!I don’t know if you are aware of this (or somehow it might just be happening to a select few?) but Megaupload sends a website page (not a popup) to the person uploading and some of them are pornographic in nature. I tried blocking the website that opens but Megaupload sends another page the next time. If I could tell which person uses Megaupload it would help but you don’t now until you click on the dowload button. I saw today another digiscrapper artist was not aware of this because it didn’t show up on her end when uploading. I have very strict security on my computer and I am guessing in using Megaupload I am giving it permission somehow to open that page. Again thank you so much for sharing your talent with me!Lisa

  2. Thank you for the dotty kit, love it! Had a lot of problems with Megaupload last year with pop ups including porn and stopped going there. Badongo (sp?) is a nasty one too, had things try to install from there! 4-shared is prob the best, the wait is irritating sometimes, but hey! we are getting freebies, they are worth the wait!

  3. Thanks for the new DL link…;o) I always closed those pages but they are a definite nuisance…if we had kiddos around I would NOT go to “megaupload”.Many thanks for the dottys also…;o)

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