Dolls and Potholder Looms


Hello! It’s really hard to get into the habit of posting here daily. I am trying though. Dolls are another interest of mine. Specifically, taking a doll such as a Barbie or Tonner doll and making beautiful clothes for them, changing the hair or fact and turning out a one of a kind doll. Pictured here are photos of the dolls I made for my daughter that are replicas of her wedding day. I have to apologize for the Justin doll, I just couldn’t get the hair right. The first photo is, of course, an actual photo from the wedding with the next being the dolls in the same pose. All in all, I don’t think they are too bad for a first attempt at making dolls.

Here is something else I have tried my hand at and plan to do more. You really can use that old potholder loom for more than just making those looped potholders. I found a tutorial on wrapping yarn and then weaving it. When I have enough of these squares, I am going to sew them together into an afghan.


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