Another Post for Today

First, I had to show off my granddaughter being a Diva. Plus a new project I am working on thanks to Amy’s Creative Side and her Challenge Week, One Thing, One Challenge :: 6. The only thing is, I had my mind changed for me as to what my project would be. My daughter mentioned that she would love as many placemats as I cared to make. Presto chango!  I am now attempting to make placemats with the postage stamp layout. Well, at least I finished my cutting out of my squares. Let’s see if I keep up with my ambitions.


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  1. I have yet to make place mats. I think it is because I'm indecisive about the colors of my kitchen. I don't even have curtains and I haven't painted the walls. But, maybe I should just take the plunge and make some! I'm excited to see how these turn out. Lovely colors! Your daughter is lucky!(I love the crochet shawls you've made, too!)

  2. Thank you. These aren't the ones she really wants yet. She wants shades of fall colors. It's been so gloomy lately that I just had to make something in spring colors.

  3. Thanks for visiting. Maybe your daughter will change her mind when she sees how bright these are. I like the figured fabrics because they are less likely to show the enevitable stains.

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