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Hexagon Afghan Finished + New Projects


Finally, the hexagon afghan is finished! I’m very happy with it considering that I had never done one before. The only reason I say finally is that I can’t stick with just one project and so I have three other crochet projects going at the same time. (This is not unusual for me. )  Here are some photos of my finished afghan. Have to get it boxed up and ready to mail on Monday. I have also included some photos of the projects I am also currently working on. One of my daughters’ friends is pregnant with a baby girl so I’m making some items to give to her. The first is a little baby sweater I am making using Bernat Baby Sport yarn. I’ll also make a hat and booties to go with the sweater. The other baby project is a blanket that I am making with regular worsted weight yarn, I believe it is the Caron pound of yarn you can buy at Joann Fabrics. There is one project I am working on that I don’t have a photo of yet and that’s a shrug for my daughter, made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. She is going to see a Lady Gaga concert and wanted me to make this shrug go go with the outfit she is putting together for the concert. 




If you love amigurumi this is the site for you! Kristieskids is the place to go. I found this blog thanks to a link to it in a forum I subscribe to. It looks like I am going to be very busy making toys for my granddaughter. The following photos are only two of the many patterns this talented lady offers.


Hexagon Afghan Continued

Here are more photos of my attempt at a hexagon afghan. I have adapted a pattern where you actually held three strands of yarn while crocheting to make your hexagon blocks. I didn’t want to do that, instead, I have made what are actually smaller blocks by using three different colors but the block is made with only one strand of yarn. At the moment, I have three stacks of my colors. I arbitrarily decided that I needed 27 of each color hexagon. We will see how close I came to guesstimating what I needed.  Also, I want to direct your attention to the whip stitching on the back side. I don’t like it, I think it looks tacky. If any of you have a better way of joining blocks, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it.  Thanks!

Hexagon Afghan


I thought I would post a photo of what I am working on along with the placemat I mentioned in my last post. This is the first time I have attempted to crochet a hexagon anything let alone an afghan! This is going to be a present for friends of my mother and step-father. I hope they like the colors.



I actually have a finished item and a WIP (work in progress). The finished item is a pair of pajamas I made for my granddaughter so of course, she is my model for the photos of the finished item. My WIP is another set of placemats for my daughter.  She wanted pinwheels so that is what she is getting. Thanks for looking at my many projects. Oh! I forgot to tell you about the little white mouse on Kira’s shoulder. Thank God it’s a stuffed toy and not the real thing. Anyway, I wanted to tell you she named the mouse and I thought it was cute which explains why I’m telling you about it. She named the mouse Cheese.  It may not be as cute to others as it is to me, but here you have it. Talk to y’all more when I have more photos of the placemat. I think the triangles I have are going to be cut in half again so I’m working with small pinwheels.

Spring-like Placemats


Well, it took  me a while to post again, but I have the photos for my project that began with a challenge by Amy at Amy’s Creative Side and her Challenge Week, One Thing, One Challenge :: 6.  Thanks to that challenge, I originally started a project that was going to just be a mini quilt for me to practice quilting techniques. Once I started cutting out those little squares, my daughter told me she would love any placemats I wanted to make for her. So that is how my project turned into placemats. You can see the cut squares in my original post. I am pretty happy with the finished product. Here are the photos of different stages of my project.