Hexagon Afghan Finished + New Projects


Finally, the hexagon afghan is finished! I’m very happy with it considering that I had never done one before. The only reason I say finally is that I can’t stick with just one project and so I have three other crochet projects going at the same time. (This is not unusual for me. )  Here are some photos of my finished afghan. Have to get it boxed up and ready to mail on Monday. I have also included some photos of the projects I am also currently working on. One of my daughters’ friends is pregnant with a baby girl so I’m making some items to give to her. The first is a little baby sweater I am making using Bernat Baby Sport yarn. I’ll also make a hat and booties to go with the sweater. The other baby project is a blanket that I am making with regular worsted weight yarn, I believe it is the Caron pound of yarn you can buy at Joann Fabrics. There is one project I am working on that I don’t have a photo of yet and that’s a shrug for my daughter, made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. She is going to see a Lady Gaga concert and wanted me to make this shrug go go with the outfit she is putting together for the concert. 


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