Just a few things I have been working on for Christmas. My son-in-law’s mother likes holiday towels to put out so I made her a few towels and then appliqued different holiday stuff on for her. The beaded ornaments are for my daughter. I found the tutorial by googling “free beaded ornament cover tutorials”. When I find the exact website, I will post it for you.


Christmas Projects


Hello again! I’ve been working on some Christmas projects for Kira. First, we have two toys that I crocheted for her. The patterns came from a huge notebook I found at Half Price Books called Vanna’s Afghan and Crochet Favorites.



I am also working on a quilt for her that has Tinkerbell quilt blocks I ordered from Ebay.


Lastly, I wanted to share some photos of the beautiful patriotic panel and matching fabrics I bought. I loved the way the red, white and blue was done in muted shades of those colors and I had to have them.

Kira’s 2012 Halloween Costume


Kira wanted to be a dragon for Halloween this year, so here is a photo of my work in progress. I’ll take more photos once I have finished the hands, hood and breast piece. Before the back of this is finished, I’ll stitch the spines together that have a gap between them. She seems to be really tickled with this costume.